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Válvulas de Ângulo de Vácuo - KF Flanges com fole - válvula de vácuo htc

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KF vacuum angle valves
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Taiwan, ROC
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Manually Operated - Angle Valves

- Connect Port: KF Flange
- Polished 304 stainless steel body
- 3/4~3 inch port ODs.
- Bakeable to 150oC
- Viton Seal Bonnet: 10-9 Torr vacuum rating KF flange
- Available Area: USA

Vacuum Angle valve is one type of the poppet valves. When the poppet is moved toward the top of the valve, the internal body cavity is open to the system, and flow is unimpeded (maximum conductance). Once the actuator moves the poppet to the bottom of the valve, an elastomer sealing ring is compressed onto the sealing surface of the lower body of the valve. This action creates a vacuum tight seal and stops the flow. Htc offers a wide variety of valve types in a comprehensive range of sizes. They are manually and pneumatically, with bellows and without bellows. Port terminations are available in KF, ISO, CF, and Tube End. Htc designs all series angle valves suited for vacuum applications with venting processes, high vacuum applications in pumping systems, semiconductor technology, research systems, etc.

Please specify the desired Model No. and Parts No. to contact us

- Body: 304 SS (Other material available upon request)
- Poppet: 304 SS (Other material available upon request)
- Port ODs: 3/4 ~ 8 inch (19.05 ~ 203.2mm)
- Bellows: Welded AM-350(option)
- Seal: Viton O'ring
- Leak rate: 2×10-9 std.cc./second
- Pressure range: 2×10-9 torr to 760 torr Viton seal bonnet
- Maximum △pressure before opening: 1.2 Bar
- Bake-out limitation: 150°C Viton seal bonnet

Larger or special size available upon request, contact us with your specific requirements. Please offer your drawings to  contact us , our sales specialized services person will contact and quote for you.
More information, please browse: www.high-light.com.tw

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Última Atualização : 2018-09-08
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