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Turkey Taiwan’s Third Largest Machine Tools Export Market

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 23 November 2012

At this year’s show, over half of the showcased units in the cutting machine tools pavilion came from Taiwan.


Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry indicated that there were many Chinese companies at the show in the past two years, but this year their turnouts greatly decreased.


In the past few years, Taiwan had become Turkey’s biggest machine tools supplier. At the same time, Turkey had become one of Taiwan’s most important export markets.


Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry indicated that Turkey bought US$200 million worth of machine tools from Taiwan in 2011. The country was the third biggest buyer of Taiwan’s machine tools, just behind China and the United States.


Between January and July, Taiwan’s machine tools exports to Turkey were up 12.7% from a year earlier, amounting to US$128 million.


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