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TS6® probiotic, a natural way to defend against pathogens

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 13 February 2015

Established in 1999, Tensall Bio-Tech is specialized in intimate hygiene products, food supplements, and skin care. In particular, the company’s TS6® probiotics can promote the state of the body’s immune system.


The TS6® probiotic is produced using a microbiological fermentation process, which is a complex symbiotic technique with specially selected probiotic cultures that promote the body’s absorption of nutrients.


Over 100 million sachets of TS6® probiotics have been sold worldwide.


Tensall Bio-Tech is an award winning company in Taiwan with an innovative R&D team to ensure its products bring health, beauty and happiness to customers.


Tensall Bio-Tech has gained ISO9001, GMP, HACCP, HALAL and more than 20 patents over the years. All of the company’s products are produced using world-class standards and facilities.


I-Hsuan Liao (annieliao@taitra.org.tw)
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