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TOYO’s new robotic arm can be coded in two programming languages

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 02 April 2015

The latest robotic arm by Taiwan-based automation equipment maker TOYO has become an industry first to enable coding by two different programming languages.


Also known as a SCARA (selective compliance articulated robot arm), TOYO’s new robotic arm underwent two years of development. The product was fully custom designed by TOYO, including the mechanical structure and the electronic controller.


TOYO’s new product uses an ARM-based controller that requires no operating system. This can mean greater reliability during service, and has the added benefit of enabling operations without the need for a computer.


The product is also relatively small and compact. The biggest highlight of the product is that it can be programmed via two different programming languages, a world first in the SCARA automation industry.


According to the company, TOYO currently holds the largest market shares in both China and Taiwan in the one to four axis robotic arms market segment.


Tso-Ming Liu (tmliu731@taitra.org.tw)
Source: UDN


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