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Top Investors are Heading to “eCommerce Expo Asia 2015”

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 21 July 2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Most of the 15,000 projected visitors in the October show will be eagerly staking out claims on the industry’s 20% growth. “eCommerce Expo Asia 2015” is the real cash cow that’s coming at the right time and place.

"eCommerce Expo Asia", held for the very first time, is the place to connect big players like Google, Yahoo and PChome. There are solution providers like UITOX Singapore (homepages, payments, inventory tracking and delivery), Russia's largest search engine Yandex (>60% of CIS searches) and Germany’s online lead generation brand eGENTIC (tops in outreach and business development).

Nearby is worldwide logistics operator DHL, the social media giant Facebook and online payment platform Go2pay who are exhibiting for the first time in Taiwan.

Global mobile commerce is soaring past US$2 billion largely as a result of popular mobile devices. As patterns for internet services and products evolve, the Asia-Pacific is set to become the world's largest online shopping market.

Robust growth of E-Commerce industry has inspired TAITRA to organize Taiwan’s first “eCommerce Expo Asia” in cooperation with the Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association (TiEA).

The show at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 is held this Oct. 6th to 9th. It’s warming up for more than 15,000 visitors, many of who will join exclusive 1-on-1 procurement meetings, Asia eCommerce Forum and various e-commerce related seminars.

"e-Commerce Expo Asia 2015" covers 7 E-commerce segments:
1. Cross-border trade & e-commerce platforms   
2. Website implementation
3. Internet marketing
4. Mobile commerce
5. Logistics & third party payment
6. Media and social media
7. Innovation Incubation & Display

Register your visit now at https://www.ecexpo.com.tw to get a stake in the emerging e-commerce economy, or visit its Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ecexpoasia for more updated information.

Media Contact: Ms. Yen Shao
+886-2-2725-5200 ext. 2987


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