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The world's top wetsuit maker, Sheico Group

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 19 August 2015

Sheico Group became the world's largest maker of wetsuits and water sports apparel about 18 years ago, and the company's reigning position in the global market has remain unchanged to this day.

In the past 47 years, Sheico managed to expand its global operations and secure a 65 percent share in the global market.

With over four decades of experience in neoprene technology and garment manufacturing as well as ten production facilities in Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Cambodia, Sheico’s products and services are praised by the world's leading brands.

Sheico is the exclusive supplier for four of the world's top ten wetsuit brands and is behind approximately 6 out every 10 wetsuits in the world today.

In the past decade, Sheico has been engaged in the development and production of spandex yarn, performance fabric, active wear, and personal flotation devices. By working with its customers and teams of experts, Sheico has set the global standard in wetsuit innovation.

Sheico Group consists of two business units. There is Shei Chung Hsin, the global leading supplier of water sports apparel.

And there is Shei Heng Hsin, which specializes in spandex yarn production. Shei Chung Hsin is currently focused on developing and manufacturing neoprene sponge, neoprene based products, and performance fabrics.

Jessie CJ Jian (jessiejian@taitra.org.tw)
Source: Sheico Group
Photo Credit: Sheico Group


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