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The Next Step for Taiwan to Participate in International Infrastructure Projects

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 04 March 2015

To maintain current global GDP growth, many countries have to invest in a new and modernized infrastructure. It is estimated that the gap between infrastructure needs and equity investment will be at least US$ 1 trillion per year, according to a study done by the World Economic Forum. It is a huge funding challenge for all government officials due to the fact that the majority of the public sectors have been facing severe fiscal deficit problems. However, it also represents a vast business opportunity for the private sector to invest in infrastructure projects if the benefits can be properly illustrated and the partnership between public and private sectors can be well structured.

The CEO forum on February 3rd, 2015, organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan), co-implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council and Taiwan Office for EBRD Business Development, had attracted many interested representatives from various sectors to discuss the potential business opportunities for Taiwanese enterprises in entering international infrastructure projects. The panelists of the forum, including Mr. Thomas Maier, the Managing Director of Infrastructure Business Group of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Dr. Yulan Feng, the former Director of the Asian Development Bank; Dr. John Li, the chairman of CECI Engineering Consultants; Dr. YC Chang, the Managing Director of the Fareastern Electronic Tolling Company; Mr. Taff Tu, the Vice President of Sinotech Engineering Consultants and Dr. Phillip Chuang, the Vice President of the MiTac Information Technology, had all shared their precious experiences and observations regarding the infrastructure market. Mr. Thomas Maier encouraged Taiwanese enterprises to be more proactive in their overseas’ strategies and recommended Turkey, Morocco and Kazakhstan as possible markets of interest. These markets will have many investment opportunities, which could be further explored.

The participants of the forum came from a variety of industries, such as power and energy-efficient focused companies, engineering consultants, construction/EPC contractors, financial advisory services, research institutions and government officials, who all enjoyed an informative and fruitful networking event.

Jessica Yang (Jessica.yang@ebrdbusiness.com.tw)


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