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The Middle Eastern Toy & Baby Goods Markets Made Big by Abundant Children

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 24 November 2010

According to research reports, Arab mothers often are willing to spend more money on big brand names when purchasing baby goods. At the same time, every child in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on average spends US$327 on toys and electronic games each year, which is twice as much as European children, and makes UAE the second largest toy consumption place in the world after North America.

Generally a family in the Middle East has more than four children. The birth rate of UAE in 2010 is estimated at 15.98 newborns per 1,000 people, which ranks UAE at 128th in the world. In 2008, every UAE family on average spent US$3,085 on baby goods. Moreover, the yearly value of the Middle Eastern toy market is nearly US$1.5 billion, and the market is growing rapidly at an annual rate of 11.8%. It is thus predictable that the toy and baby goods markets in the Middle East will continue to develop prosperously.

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