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The award winning Xbat series of self-powered bicycle lights

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 04 September 2015

Taiwan based Sunrise Eco-Friendly Technology (Sr. Eco) recently launched a new series of self-powered LED bicycle lights called the Xbat.

Unlike conventional self-powered lights that rely on dynamos to generate energy, the Xbat uses magnetic induction to produce the electricity needed for powering its LEDs.

The main advantage of magnetic induction over dynamos is that it is contactless. Dynamos generate energy by rubbing against the tire rim, which can reduce travelling speed and cause unwanted wear and tear to the rim.

Xbat's magnetic induction eliminates the problem of contact friction by taking advantage of the energy from a changing magnetic field.

Whenever the wheel spins, the magnetic field between the bike's metallic tire rim and the Xbat (installed near the rim) would change. The compact generator inside the Xbat then accumulates the energy from the changing magnetic field and makes the LEDs flash.

The Xbat is a winner of the 2015 TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards, which recognizes excellence in design and innovation in the global bicycle industry.

The Xbat series of lights features different models for different bicycles. The Xbat-C is designed for bicycles with a C- or V-brake, while the Xbat-D is designed for bikes with a disk brake. The Xbat-M is a tail light for road or city bikes that is designed to be fixed on a carrier or fender.

Source: Sr. Eco
Photo Credit: Sr. Eco
Shu Wei Lin (waynelin@taitra.org.tw)


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