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The 2011 Taiwan Top 20 Global Brands

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 23 September 2011

In this year’s survey, the aggregate brand value for the top 20 and top 10 both broke the US $10 billion mark. This was attributed to Taiwan’s great achievements in the development of the European and North American markets and emerging markets, the continuous improvement of cross-strait economic interaction, and the economic effects brought by ECFA. What more, the growth rate for the two categories increased 40% and 43.9%, respectively, the best showing in the survey in recent years.

HTC claimed the crown for the first time with a remarkable 163% growth rate. The growth was attributed to the company’s successful seizing of the smartphone market over the past year and its active purchase of various companies for the future development of the cloud market.

Top 20 leading brands in the 2011 Top Taiwan Global Brands:
(1) HTC   (2) ACER   (3) ASUS   (4) TREND MICRO   (5) MASTER KONG
(11) 85℃   (12) D-LINK   (13) MERIDA   (14) TRANSCEND   (15) CYBERLINK
(16) ZYXEL  (17) DELTA   (18) UNI-PRESIDENT  (19) JOHNSON  (20) KGI


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