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Textile Industry of Taiwan Sizzles in First Half 2011

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 02 March 2011

The Intercontinental Exchange Futures for cotton reached a historical high on February 3, 2011 with US$1.8122 per pound. Revenues of Taiwan’s textured yarn manufacturers are thus expected to continue to sizzle. For example, the single-month revenue of LAN FA TEXTILE CO. LTD. in the past two months hit new highs, and YI JINN INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. began to mass-produce polyester products in mid-February, the monthly production volume of which is projected to amount to 6,000 tons. In short, the textile industry of Taiwan is bound to perform well in the first half of 2011.

Taiwan’s textile makers believe that in the short run, the inflation on the international price of raw materials will not stop. And, before Taiwan’s new production capacity is expanded, the price of textured yarn will definitely rise after February. The inflation rate could even reach 10%. But, the Taiwanese textured yarn makers are still ready to successfully transfer the products with full or surplus funds this year.

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