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TECO and CSC co-invest in offshore wind power development

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 03 June 2015

TECO and CSC recently announced a US$19.5 million joint venture with each party holding a fifty percent stake in developing offshore wind power solutions.

Currently all the wind power generation solutions used by Taiwan are land-based. TECO, being one of the largest electric motor makers in Taiwan, will work with CSC, the largest steelmakers of Taiwan, to pioneer offshore wind power in the country.

The joint venture will see TECO, a land-based wind power solutions veteran, providing its knowhow in wind turbine systems and CSC offering its expertise in steel beam structures. Through the joint venture, the two companies will also import offshore wind power technology from Europe, where the technology is already very mature.

According to TECO and CSC, the short term goal of the joint venture is to install a 5MW prototype by the end of 2015. The unit will be the largest of its kind in Taiwan and China, as well as the only type in the market to be able to withstand typhoon-level weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the Taiwan government has planned a 3,000 MW offshore wind farm to be constructed by 2030. If successful, the joint venture will be able to provide the wind farm project with 600 such units.

Tso-Ming Liu (tmliu731@taitra.org.tw)
Source: UDN


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