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Taiwanese Food is Making a Comeback Globally

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 30 January 2015

To help stop any future reoccurrence of food safety incidents, the government of Taiwan has revised the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation on November 18th, 2014. A new traceability system will be implemented and members of the food industry must now register on the FDA’s website. This will help the government trace the source of raw materials and the distribution of finished products. To ensure food safety, the government will conduct safety checks on a regular basis.


With the adulterated cooking oil incident that included the use of recycled waste oil coming to an end at the end of last year, to regain the consumer confidence and to boost the sales in the overseas market, the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), MOEA, has assigned the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to stage “Taiwan Food Festivals” in the high selling season before the Chinese Lunar Year in Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, UK and Mainland China. TAITRA will work with the food distribution channels to promote the quality, delicious taste and safeness of Taiwanese foods.


The largest scale of the Taiwan Food Festival took place in Hong Kong. New Odaiba, Wah Kee Wing Cheong and Teamon, the heavy weight importers of Taiwanese foods concurrently promoted goods from Taiwan. The promoted products included Vigor Kobo’s pineapple cakes, Jen Yuan’s sweetened abalones and Hai Rei’s meatballs, from January 9th to January 22nd at their 16 stores in Hong Kong. Because of Taiwan’s international fame for its cuisine, Taiwanese foods were well received by consumers in Hong Kong before the incident. After the small setback, it is an encouraging sign that many consumers came back to shop during the promotion.



Manson Cheng(manson@taitra.org.tw)


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