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Taiwan will exceed OECD entry standards: Ma

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 13 October 2011

“At the current stage, it is difficult for Taiwan to join the OECD; however, the government will enhance the basic developments of the nation in the upcoming decade to beyond OECD standards,” Ma pledged, proposing to build Taiwan into the transportation hub of East Asia and to promote balanced development within regions, in addition to perfecting basic water and electric systems.

The sixth goal of his Golden Decade proposal, “comprehensive construction,” an extension of Ma's 2008 campaign promise, entailed improving Taiwan from the very basics that are most relevant to people's livelihoods, as well as constructing Taiwan's international competitiveness — beginning from domestic transportation and economic developments, which are bound to spur awareness internationally.

In regards of basic developments, Ma proposed that it could be expected that 6 million households would be equipped with electric meters within ten years, while the water-leakage rate would decrease from the current 20 percent to 15 percent in ten years.

Also, construction of the sewer system — which has long been a weakness of Taiwan even when compared with some less developed countries, Ma noted — would be rapidly promoted: connection of household sewer channels would be increased to 49.8 percent from the current 28.8 percent within ten years, and the overall rate of sewer treatment should also increase from the current 56.4 percent to 79 percent within ten years.

“This construction has long been ignored by politicians,” Ma pointed out, because it is invisible to most, it is expensive, and might disrupt people's daily routines; for its importance to the nation's development, however, “I highly value the sewer system construction,” he emphasized.


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