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Taiwan Trade Mission to Japan: The gateway to reputable business connections

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 18 September 2015

The Taiwan Trade Mission to Japan is an annual trade road show which brings together buyers and sellers from Japan and Taiwan. It has a long history - 20 years to be exact - making it the longest and biggest overseas mission hosted by TAITRA.

Every year, an average of 80 Taiwanese companies joins the pilgrimage to Japan with their latest products in tow. The perennial business matching event, which is one of the main highlights of the mission, takes place in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo, and attracts around 2,000 buyers looking for new prospects.

The Mission this year will host 81 Taiwanese suppliers of housewares, sporting goods, building materials, consumer electronics, machine components, hardware tools and accessories, and more. 35 of the participating suppliers will showcase their patented products. Meanwhile, this year’s business match making event will be held on September 14th in Fukuoka, 16th in Osaka and 18th in Tokyo. 

“Why should I participate in this mission?” is often heard from a prospective supplier invited by TAITRA. “In Japan, you can’t just go knocking on someone’s office door and say I want to sell you something.” says Hsu Po Chang, CEO of Tai Sein Textile Co., Ltd and the mission leader for the past nine years. “You have to be acquainted with them first before you talk business with them,” he adds.

That is why this Trade Mission provides a very good platform for suppliers who are interested in expanding their business into the Japanese market.

The Taiwan Trade Mission to Japan has been continuously held for the past 20 years, long enough to make an outstanding mark for itself. And with TAITRA as its organizer, the mission has unquestionable reputation, which is key when doing business with the Japanese.

Key players in Japanese market, such as Nissen, which is among the top two in the area of catalogue shopping; Big Camera, a main sales channel for consumer electronics; Kohnan, which is among the top three in home center; Daiwa House, a major housing construction comany, and more are among the regular visitors to the event.

Participation in the trade mission means a chance to meet key players in the Japanese market. Who you didn’t have the chance to meet before, may show up at the event, and if your product is appealing, you can have a chance to talk business with them and make a start in the Japanese market. This is the strongest advantage of the trade mission.

“Another key point in doing business with Japan is relationship,” says Eric Hsueh, who represents SZM Taiwan and a long time participant of this event. “Before you get a deal you might have to spend several years just to cultivate a relationship with the buyers. They have to see you for some years to accumulate trust, and make sure you don’t drop out of business anytime soon.” he quips.

Entering the Japanese market requires one to invest in a lot of time. Even you have patents or special designs, you still need time to gain their trust. Choosing a good platform can help shorten the time spent though. “However, if you deal with buyers with resources,” says Anson Cheng, manager of Chuan Sheng Brush Co., Ltd., “they can take risks so it doesn’t take that long to make an order. Remember, they live in a fast-paced business environment.”

There is a saying in Wall Street, “if you want some money, go work where the money is, which is Wall Street.” But if you want to do business with Japan, then the Taiwan Trade Mission to Japan is the event you should take part in.

To check out the quality products offered by the participating suppliers, please visit the following link: http://www.taitra.gr.jp/event/life/list.html. Business chances from all over the world is always welcome to the suppliers.

Jason Lee (jaselee@taitra.org.tw)


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