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Taiwan tech firm invests in plant factories

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 02 December 2015

High tech electronic equipment manufacturer New Kinpo Group is currently one of Taiwan's leading indoor plant factory operators.

New Kinpo Group established its plant factory business subsidiary in 2010, named Cal-Comp Biotech. In addition to operating 2 large scale plant factories, each occupying more than 660 square meters in floor space, the company also operates its own online and offline distribution channels in Taiwan.

Currently Cal-Comp Biotech not only offers a wide variety of lettuce, basil, and coriander to its customers, but also grows and markets a premium line of traditional Chinese medical herbs such as Cordyceps and Antrodia.

The plant factories operated by Cal-Comp Biotech are fully controlled and resemble the particle free environment of an industrial grade cleanroom. The factories are also equipped with advanced LED lighting systems in order to maximize the crop yields.

Source: New Kinpo Group
Hsueh-Chen Lee (sl2@taitra.org.tw)


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