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Taiwan students win Red Dot award for emergency bus window breaker

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 09 July 2015

A team of four graduate students from the National Taiwan University of Technology (NTUT) has won a Red Dot Award in the category of design concept with an idea that improves the emergency window-breaking mechanism for buses, the school announced in a statement on July 7.


The awarded work, named "Corner Breaker," was developed by Chiu Kai-hsin, Chang Keng-tzu, Yang Chu-ting, and Teng Pei-chih. It was one of seven NTUT works picked for the prestigious design awards from among nearly 5,000 entries from around the world, the university said.


Addressing their design, Teng said he had read on the news that around 40 percent of public bus drivers in Taiwan lock the emergency window breakers in their vehicles so that the emergency device for escape will not be stolen by passengers.


After discovering that most severe casualties in many bus traffic accidents are caused by passengers having difficulty in escaping, while it is a challenge for weak passengers like the elderly and juveniles to break bus windows with the emergency hammer provided in the event of an accident, he and his teammates decided to improve the existing device to something not just easy to handle but also able to release an alert "when touched by mistake," Teng said.


Inspired by the mousetrap mechanism after watching a schoolmate accidentally caught by such a trap, the team installed a spring inside a window breaker so that the elasticity of the returning spring provides strength to a bolt that can break the bus window at the most accurate spot when people pull the handle of the device, Teng elaborated.


"Saving lives in a safe, efficient and energy-saving way" was the spirit of the work, the team said in its presentation of the device.


The 2015 Red Dot winners of the design concept will be formally awarded in Singapore Sept. 25.


Hsin-hsuan Tsai (thh@taitra.org.tw)
Source: National Taiwan University of Technology
Photo Credit:National Taiwan University of Technology


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