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Taiwan’s Safety & Security Industry Combines Various Sectors

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 24 December 2010

The relevant businesses, government officials and academics of Taiwan’s safety and security industry jointly held a cooperation signing press conference on the classification and application of lock products in early December 2010. In the press conference, two major development goals of the industry were outlined: 1. establishing product classification standards and promoting safety label and certificate of origin; 2. integrating all relevant safety and security product makers to upgrade the lock industry from the traditional manufacturing to high-valued manufacturing center.

The press conference also invited well-known Taiwanese lock makers to exhibit their advanced locks. Tong Lung Metal Industry Co. Ltd. displayed a high-tech, “smart” electronic door lock that uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and can be integrated into a security system. Real Locks & Security Co. Ltd. showcased a car-lamp lock that combines lock with lamp. This car-lamp lock had won major awards in Germany’s IF Design Award and Taiwan Excellence. East Of Wu Co., Ltd. presented the very first electrically chargeable key duplicator in the world. The machine is only 30-centimeter wide and thus is light and easily portable for locksmith to do home service anywhere.

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