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Taiwan’s POR Ranks No. 4 in World, No. 2 in Asia

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 26 January 2011

The country meanwhile received a 1B business climate rating, making it an ideal investment destination.

According to the report, Taiwan obtained a POR score of 71, fourth in the world only trailing behind Singapore, Switzerland and Norway among the 50 nations ranked by the survey. The score was also the second highest in Asia.

The poll also predicted that Taiwan's political climate over the next two years will be stable and free of major risk factors. The country may also forge closer ties with China and the United States, BERI said.

For this year, BERI predicted Taiwan's POR score will go up one to 72, still the world's fourth-highest score. By 2015 its score will remain 72, fifth in the world.

BERI said Taiwan's operational climate has improved, with its operational risk indicator ranking third in the world, the same as last year.

Regarding political risk, Taiwan had a score of 60 and was ranked No. 11 in the world. The agency pointed out Taiwan's political risk has been effectively managed, with the ruling Nationalist Party winning three of five mayoral elections in 2010.

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