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Taiwan’s Major GPS Maker HOLUX Crosses Over to Biotechnology

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 06 October 2010

HOLUX has earlier been helped by Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute in developing the Ultra Wide Band Non-contact Sensor (UWBNCS). UWBNCS has successfully been applied to the field of biotechnology which is being used to detect and measure blood pressure, heart beat, respiration, and body temperature.

UWBNCS, in other words, means that the equipment does not require direct contact with human body to read needed human body information. HOLUX has already put in the concept of non-contact sensor in its original GPS product planning. When the UWBNCS-equipped GPS is fully developed, it not only will have over ten kinds of GPS functions, such as showing the biker’s biking speed, route of travel, as well as acting like an electronic compass, but will also be able to display the biker’s physiological conditions, including pulse, breathing, and body temperature. Such an UWBNCS-equipped GPS will then be able to successfully differentiate itself from other GPS products.

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