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Taiwan’s Machine Tool Makers Are Explosive

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 05 January 2011

As the 12th Five-Year Plan has been launched in China, the annual production value of machine tools for the next five years is expected to reach US$120 billion. The biggest pneumatic components maker on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Airtac International Group, owing to the advantages of possessing its own brand, distributing channels, vertical production integration, and innovative production technologies, is almost at the leading position and explosive in China in terms of market share. Its gross profit rate in the third quarter of 2010 even hit 57%.

Airtac International Group’s pneumatic products are widely utilized by all kinds of industries. Not only various electrical and mechanical equipment have adopted Airtac’s pneumatic components, the company has also successfully crossed over into the territories of automobile, automation control, and green machinery, and thus is unaffected by the fluctuations of a single industry. Airtac’s market share in China at the moment is 13%. The chairman of the company, Shih-zhong Wang, has planned to expand the number of branch offices in China from the current 31 to 100 within three to five years.

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