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Taiwan’s Green Technology Leads the Future Trend of “Green Globalization”

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 24 September 2010

Analysis of the Current Global Promotion of Green Technology

Green ICT products are required not only to be energy-saving, but are also expected to have the least negative impact on the environment during each phase of product life cycle. Consumers’ understanding of green products today however still stays at if they are "energy-saving" or "money-saving." Economic consideration remains the deciding factor on whether to buy green products or not. Other considerations such as if the products contain harmful substances or are hard to be disposed of, consumers do not seem to care much. So, each government’s procurement policy on green products is in fact the strongest force of promoting green products at present. For example, the US government in January 2009 stipulated that federal agencies must purchase electronic products which have been certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency of the US in 2006. It was very encouraging to those manufacturers who are willing to invest in the R&D of green technology and make more new green products.

Introducing Taiwan’s Superior Green ICT Products and Manufacturers

The 2010 Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX TAIPEI), just held on June 2-6, is the biggest ICT exhibition in Asia, showcasing the most complete list of products of the industrial chain. Every year COMPUTEX TAIPEI holds a "Best Choice Award," which selects the most outstanding products of the year. This year in response to the international trend of green electronic products, the organizer created a new "Green ICT Special Award for Environmental Protection," in recognition of the green products that perform outstandingly in environmental protection. The criteria for the Green ICT Special Award include whether the product reduces the use of materials detrimental to the environment, whether the design of product takes into account of energy conservation, whether the product has an extended life, whether the product makes use of recycled materials, whether the product is easy to be disassembled, and other environment-friendly design approaches, as well as whether the company presents a green working environment. After a rigorous evaluation process, VIA Ultra Mobile Platform and ACER handheld projector K10 won the award. The latest ASUS Eee PC ™ 1015PE also received the “Green ICT Award of Energy Saving.”

Complementing COMPUTEX TAIPEI and leading the future trend of "green globalization," the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), with the most resourceful information on Taiwan’s suppliers, has launched a “Green ICT, Taiwan Lets You See!” special sample-product sourcing center on Taiwantrade, presenting Taiwan-made, top-quality green ICT products. The sample products can be purchased online directly via PayPal. What’s most special is that all buyers not only have a variety of selections to choose from, but also can win Cash-Back prizes. Please go to http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/category/defaultCategories.do?Method=showCategoryOfSamples&categoryId=19,20,21,22&WT.mc_id=ipr01 for more details.


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