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Taiwan's First Non-thermal Food Pasteurization Plant Inaugurated

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 04 January 2013

The modern plant was built by Kee Fresh and Safe Foodtech Co. of New Taipei City at a cost of US$17 million in the Pingtung Export Processing Zone.


The goal is to preserve the flavor, texture and nutritional value of the food produced, said Kee Fresh Chairman Liao Ji-hsin at the opening ceremony.


Liao said his company invested in high pressure processing (HPP) -- a non-thermal pasteurization process for packaged foods -- to meet an increasing demand among consumers for "natural and healthy foods without any chemical additives or preservatives."


With the HPP sterilization process, meat products can remain fresh for 90-100 days compared with 45 days when processed by other means, according to Kee Fresh Executive Vice President Victor Liao.


The company said its HPP plant can process 30 tons of packed foods per day. Over the next two years, the company said, it will build more facilities to increase output capacity to 100 tons per day.


Kee Fresh's clients include major Taiwanese food companies such as T-Ham, Uni-President, Taiwan Sugar and Futong Food Enterprise.


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