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Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom to Cooperate with Intel on Smart TV

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 22 December 2010

Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom will cooperate with Intel on Smart TV. If this cooperation is successful, Chunghwa Telecom could become the first Asian or even global telecommunications partner of Intel on Smart TV.

Chunghwa Telecom believes that Smart TV could become the next “explosive” new high-tech product. Taiwan’s high-tech manufacturers can use “multimedia on demand” (MOD) as a stepping stone to the global Smart TV market. Chunghwa Telecom has already decided to quickly transform the existing MOD into open platform to support all kinds of connected set-top-boxes and terminal facilities. Or, global online TV networks such as Google TV, jointly developed by Sony, Google, and Intel, can as a result also receive and broadcast MOD programs anytime anywhere, so that MOD will no longer be restricted to only TVs at home.

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