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Taiwan’s Ceramics Industry Showcases Innovative New Works

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 23 November 2012

In the past, the exhibition was divided into five major categories: household, ornamental, sanitary, architectural and industrial ceramics. This year, an additional theme named “Ambient Green Flow” was added to represent the historical styles and contemporary innovations of celadon porcelain.


The final 57 selected works included “The Birth” by Tsao Chi-ai, which won the Annual New Work Award. The design was an egg-shaped cremation urn that symbolized a new beginning.


Henry Shen’s “Goldfish Dessert Plate”, a beautiful plate formed by the shapes of three goldfish finished in 22k gold edging, won the Market Potential Award.


Meanwhile, the “Plastic Porcelain” by Tsun Jen Toung Art Pottery Co. Ltd. won the Aesthetic Creativity Award, and the “Goblet” and “In Between Bamboos and the Knowledge of Tea” won the Creative Design Awards.



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