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Taiwan’s 2010 Machinery Exports to Grow 50%, Top US$15 Billion

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 22 December 2010

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute has estimated that the production of Taiwan’s machinery industry in 2010 is able to return to the US$20 billion level in 2008, and the export value is expected to top US$15 billion. The annual growth rate is to reach 50%. The export growth of metal processing machinery is especially brilliant, and its total export value will amount to US$3.7 billion.

All in all, Taiwan’s machinery industry is recovering. Many machine tool makers have expressed that the demand of component and equipment processing from the automotive and energy industries is still the main source of demand. In the near future, the China market still has the biggest room of growth. But, lately India has also been actively developing its automotive industry, and the country’s demand for machine tools is catching up on China’s. China and India will be two main battlefields for machine tool makers in 2011.

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