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Taiwan Forecast to Lead Mobile Device Industry: Gov't Research

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 14 July 2011

As more mobile platforms are being geared toward ecosystem-based competition, the mobile device industry is focusing more on user interface rather than on product development, said Stephen Su, general director of ITRI's Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK).

Su said the trend toward innovative applications is leading the development of key components such as sensors, displays, memories and processors.

“Taiwan has top mobile devices manufacturing capabilities and can supply most of those key components,” Su said in a recent keynote speech titled “How tablets will transform the landscape of the ICT industry.”

The next step will be to improve the technology of the key components, as well as terminal design, application platform and service innovation, he said.

Worldwide tablet shipments are forecast to grow from 35 million units this year to 116 million units in 2014, representing a compound annual growth rate of 50.6 percent during that period, compared with notebooks' 16.7 percent, e-readers' 3.8 percent and netbooks' 0.9 percent.

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