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Taiwan Excellence, Driving Innovation with Tour de Taiwan 2015

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 07 August 2015

Taiwan is globally recognized for being a high caliber bicycle manufacturer and a center for cutting-edge research and development of bicycles. Brand-name bicycles made in Taiwan make exceptional companions for top bicycle riders and perform superbly under the rigors of racing, which includes the Tour de Taiwan. The Taiwanese bicycle and parts industry not only has strengths in research and development, innovation, and international brand awareness, but also has access to a complete supply chain that improves manufacturing efficiency and accelerates responsiveness to new trends.

Taiwanese Bicycle Industry and Taiwan Excellence

The unit value of a bicycle exported from Taiwan has progressively been increasing and has now reached US $458.99, which indicates the industry has advanced itself from a quantity-focused approach to now concentrating on products with greater value. Taiwanese bicycle makers have sought to combine their products with car electronics and other ICT products. This is helping to elevate the value of the industry’s products and allow the makers to offer a wider range of functions to their products and provide consumers with high-quality services that will improve their lifestyles.

The Taiwan Excellence Award Selection is held annually by Taiwan’s government. Through the brand name of “Taiwan Excellence,” we promote quality Taiwanese products to the world. “Innovative Value” is the most important requirement of Taiwan Excellence. For example, Taiwan’s well-known bicycle brands, such as Giant, Merida, Strida, Volando, Pacific, KENDA, KMC, TAYA and Xero, to name a few, are all Taiwan Excellence Award winners, and their products were displayed in this year’s Taipei International Cycle Show. Serving as a forum for identifying the latest trends in cycling worldwide, the Taipei International Cycle Show was held from March 18th to 21st in the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall. This exhibition has been held in conjunction with the Tour de Taiwan event for 11 consecutive years. Through the duo events of the exhibition and the dynamic Tour de Taiwan race, Taiwanese cycling is now recognized worldwide as a leader.

Striving to Reach 2.HC Classification

The 2015 Tour de Taiwan was a Top event of the 2.1 UCI Asia Tour, which was held from March 22nd to 26th. There were 22 teams from 26 countries from all over the world, in total 188 outstanding athletes competed in this event. European and American teams had occupied half of the team quota and reached the highest number ever in Tour de Taiwan. This year, the organizing committee strived to elevate the race’s performance to 2.HC of the UCI classification and increased the intensity of the race even more for the riders.

Making a request to UCI for raising the Tour de Taiwan event to a 2.HC classification made the 2015 Tour de Taiwan event’s intensity and excitement even greater than ever. With the support from central and local governments, accompanied by the Chinese Taipei Cycling Association's hard work, the 2015 Tour de Taiwan was comprised of 5 stages, including Taipei City Stage, Taoyuan City Stage, Changhua County Stage, KOM Stage and Terrific Taiwan Stage. In order to meet the criteria for raising Tour de Taiwan to UCI 2.HC classification in 2016, the quality of the entire race was greatly improved, including the strength of the teams, difficulty of the routes, traffic control, accommodations for teams, and increasing the total purse value. As a supporter of the Tour de Taiwan, “Taiwan Excellence” built the 2015 Tour de Taiwan as an excellent world-class event in Taiwan. Let the world cheer for the Tour de Taiwan!


Candice Chen(ycc@taitra.org.tw)


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