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Taiwan Designs – Global Sales

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 05 November 2010

Christmas is approaching. Are you spending a lot of time thinking about what gifts will make money this year? TAITRA, with the most resources on Taiwan’s suppliers, has set up a “Christmas Celebration – Everything under US$50” sample-product sourcing center on November 1, providing all kinds of trend-leading made-in-Taiwan (MIT) gift products. This sample-product sourcing center moreover collects all the items that are priced under US$50 into one display area for you to conveniently select the most valued and fair-priced ones. You can buy them directly online through PayPal and even have a chance to win Cash-Back rewards! For details, please go to
http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/category/defaultCategories.do?Method=showSamplesOfUnder50USD&WT.mc_id=xpr01 .

Detecting Product Trend from Design Vogue

Gift and stationery products are always fast-changing and must be in step with global trends and design vogues to maintain competitiveness. In recent years, gift and stationery products in Taiwan are no longer in their traditional forms. Daily necessity goods have increasingly been made with creative design which has become a new trend of the gift industry. In other words, “creative daily necessity” gifts which cleverly integrate design elements are now one of the trend-leading gift categories and have brought countless business opportunities.

Taiwan has long possessed the competitive edge in information technology. Taiwanese traditional gift makers have as a result begun to combine creative design elements into electronics products to make the products more beautiful and more unique. Hence, “high-tech but beautiful” gifts are also one of the newest gift categories in Taiwan.

Now, you can buy sample gift products of these categories from TAITRA’s “Christmas Celebration – Everything under US$50” sample-product sourcing center directly via PayPal. Please click http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/category/defaultCategories.do?Method=showSamplesOfUnder50USD&WT.mc_id=xpr01 for more information.

Taiwantrade Presents “Everything under US$50” Area & Extra Cash-Back Rewards

Taiwantrade is Taiwan’s one-and-only national business-to-business online trade platform and operated by TAITRA, Taiwan’s most important trade promotion organization. Taiwantrade has been cooperating with the well-known online payment system PayPal, providing global buyers a safe, reliable online transaction mechanism. To make your Christmas shopping more fun and money-saving, this month, we have increased the Cash-Back reward from US$30 to US$50, when your one-day transaction total reaches US$199. Moreover, if one-day transaction total hits US$399, you’ll get an extra US$30 reward. Rewards only go to 100 lucky buyers. All buyers can always enjoy and select from the wide varieties on the sourcing center and participate in a raffle-drawing to get a prize as high as US$600. Please go to http://ilovemit.taiwantrade.com.tw/ for more information. All buyers can also find more information on suppliers through Taiwantrade. Just go to www.taiwantrade.com.tw to browse suppliers’ details.

Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Contact Person: Lily Hong
Tel: 886-2-2725-5200 ext.1767

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