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Taiwan Crystal Brand Eager to Expand Foreign Markets

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 17 October 2012

In addition to the growing Chinese market, Tittot expects to raise its foreign market revenues from the current 5 percent of its total output to some 15 percent in 2014, Wang said on the sidelines of a product launch in Taipei.

The total revenues of the New Taipei-based company reached US$9.83 million in 2011, up 5.56 percent from a year ago, according to the company's annual revenue report.

"With our new technology, which is expected to be implemented in 2013, we are confident of attracting great attention," Wang said. He declined to elaborate on the new technology, saying only that it "will definitely be state-of-the-art and surprising."

Asked if the global economic downturn poses any challenges to his company, Wang said it does not. He expressed optimism over the economic outlook worldwide for 2013.

Besides Taiwan, Tittot also operates stores in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.



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