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Taiwan Builds the New Era of Green Yachts (Part 2)

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 21 December 2010

The Chairman of Taiwan Yacht Industry Association, Chia-yang Lu, points out that besides making yachts of better and more refined quality and brand, it is even more important to converge with the world trend of energy saving and carbon reduction, in order to stand unbeatable in the global yacht industry.

According to a 2009 trade and investment report by the British Trade and Cultural Office, there were 31 major yacht makers in Taiwan. 15 of them were based in Kaohsiung City and their total production capacity took 65% of that of Taiwan’s entire yacht industry. The rest of them were spread around Kaohsiung County and northern Taiwan. At the present, the Taiwan government is planning to build a yacht industry special zone at Kaohsiung Harbor for yacht makers to conveniently park their yachts.

Taiwan is the fifth biggest large-sized (80-120 feet) yacht making country in the world, ranked after Italy, the US, the Netherlands, and Germany in that order. The development trend of Taiwan’s yacht manufacturing is to build large-sized yachts. Currently, the industry is capable of building 130-foot yacht and is developing 160-foot yacht made of various materials. Green, eco-friendly yachts are another development focus of the industry.

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