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TAITRAs’ trade training institute begins 2015 student recruitment

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 05 February 2015

The International Trade Institute (ITI), the education arm of TAITRA, has recently began a round of student recruitment for its 2015 programs.


The ITI provides solid and practical full-time and part-time training programs for individuals who are looking to have a career in international trade.


With an experienced team of teachers from around the world instructing professional, full-time courses such as the ‘International Business Administration Program’, every year the institute would receive overwhelming numbers of enrolment applications.


One of the main prat-time courses at ITI is the ‘International Business English Program’. It provides practical and rigorous training in professional business communication skills to people who are already pursuing successful careers.


There is also the ‘Post-Master's International Marketing Program’ where students undergo a rigorous regiment focused on developing their trade and marketing skills.


Graduates from the ITI are highly sought after by Taiwan’s major enterprises. High profiles companies including Asus, Quanta, and Foxconn would visit the ITI every year to recruit new talents for their international trade and export businesses.


Chia-yi Lin(franceslin@taitra.org.tw)


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