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TAITRA to highlight MIT products at CES 2015

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 06 February 2015

The 2015 International CES®, which is a global platform for leading consumer technologies, latest trends and innovations, was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Jan 6th to 9th. This year CES recorded outstanding results: more than 3,600 exhibitors showcased the latest in innovation and future technology and more than 170,000 industry professionals from around the world took part in this major consumer electronics show.


The Taiwan Pavilion, which is organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and implemented by TAITRA, hosted some 23 leading Taiwanese companies from various consumer electronics sectors. These companies exhibited the hottest in 3D printers, head mounted devices for smart mobile devices, ultra-thin flexible lithium batteries, wireless chargers, integrated smart home solutions, etc. As the global market is poised to recover, the Taiwanese manufacturers are seizing every opportunity to introduce their latest innovative products at CES in the hope of expanding their reach in the US market.


Banking on the theme of IoT, AIFA presented their new patented product, the Smart Home-WiFi Home Control Box, which gives a user control over home air conditioners and other appliances remotely. The OCam M1 wi-fi video and security product developed by AHOKU allows access to live streaming videos on an Android or iOS system smart phone. UNISVR – UniArgus Video Central serves as a transponder for IP cameras and web cameras. Users can easily broadcast their real-time events captured by cameras to popular video-streaming platforms such as YouTube Live and Live house.in. It provides a great way to share live videos with others and to generate publicity.


As applications for 3D printing expand and prices drop, the next industrial revolution is opening up manufacturing to the whole world – where everyone can participate in the process. Taiwanese manufacturers have been in this industry for decades, SKY-TECH and VOLKS showcase 3D printer products. SKY-TECH was developed on products of Magic Box (acetone spray bath box), which can give 3D objects a glossy and smooth texture.

One of the growing markets is wearable technology, the “Ultrathin Flexible Lithium Battery” manufacturer, Prologium, also participated in CES 2015 to take advantage of the rising wearable electronics market. Its FLCB (FPC lithium ceramic battery) works well for dynamic bending applications such as smart watches or smart functional cards since it is ultra-thin, with thickness of 0.38mm.


New VPT-S by VIEW Phone is an amazing VR headset that provides the best immersive feelings. The lens module designed with adjustable IPD, focal length individually for almost all users satisfies operation experience. Its open case fits almost all kinds of smart phones and can be assembled conveniently. Users can enjoy it anytime and everywhere.


Fusion offered the world the first MFi-certificated dual-mode wireless charger for iPhone6/Plus. The MFi-certification allows accessory manufacturers, authorized by Apple Inc., to carry the MFi logo on their audio and electronic accessories designed especially for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Visitors can enjoy free wireless charging experience at the Taiwan Pavilion.


Cheng,Jun-Chia (angelcheng@taitra.org.tw)


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