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TAITRA organizes exhibition groups to the Autumn Canton Beauty Expo

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 24 March 2015

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is organizing exhibition groups to participate in the “Taiwan Beauty and Style Salon Hands-on Pavilion”, recruiting hair and beauty related companies to join the “2015 Canton Beauty Expo”, to assist them in exploring the Greater China market. Registration is open from now on until 17th April, 2015. No enrollment will be accepted once all vacancies are filled.


To promote the overseas marketing of Taiwan hair and beauty industry, TAITRA has organized the “Taiwan beauty hair and make-up investigation group” since 2013, and gone to Beijing and Tianjin to visit the relevant authorities-in-charge and related associations. The make-up investigation group also did local business market research, visiting local enterprises, and talent training organizations. TAITRA also facilitated the exhibition groups to participate in the 2013 and 2014 Beijing Taiwan Trade Fairs, the 2014 China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE), and the 2014 Tianjin Taiwan Trade Fair. All the aforementioned achievements won high praise from the participants. This year, TAITRA will organize an exhibition group to participate in the “2015 Canton Beauty Expo” dated on 4th-6th September, located at the China Foreign Trade Center (Zone B).


Canton Beauty Expo is organized by Guangdong Beauty & Cosmetic Association. The expo was inaugurated in 1989, and is the longest running of its kinds. It has taken place twice a year since 1996, with the event that took place in September 2014 being the 41st edition. The total exhibition area of the 2014 Autumn Canton Beauty Expo reached 130,000 square meters, which is the largest among all the past Canton Beauty Expos held. There were over 2,000 exhibitors to showcase a wide spectrum of beauty and beauty related products, as well as services and technologies, attracting over 400,000 entries to participate in this fair. During the exhibition, a variety of academic and commercial related forums were held. The discussion topics included cosmetic facial masks, aesthetic medicine, cosmetic, professional hair and beauty services, and brand licensing, which attracted numerous professionals to participate. It was also a powerful exchange and cooperation platform for the beauty and hair related industry professionals.  

The expo has 12 professional exhibition complexes. The displayed items include: cosmetics, makeup, manicure products, tattooing and embroidered related professional beauty workshops, cosmetic surgery material, health care products, hair treatment material and related products, professional hair style education and training, packing material and production equipments, material, personal brand and OEM, International brands, perfume and makeup, personal health care products, health care and nutrition products, beauty underwear, professional beauty salon and aqua treatment beauty products, tools and equipments, and more.       


TAITRA organized the exhibition group to participate in the Canton Beauty Expo, and establish the “Taiwan Beauty Style Salon Hands-on Pavilion”, utilizing the image of Taiwan’s high quality hair and beauty industry to design the whole pavilion. We hope to enhance the awareness of Taiwan’s industries and strengthen the image of Taiwan’s brand. TAITRA also plans promotional activities for the stage, the promotional session for companies to popularize their products, and media interviews. This will increase the exposure for Taiwanese companies and energize the China market exploration. Please feel free to register for the event.


For regulations regarding participation, please refer to : http://events.taiwantrade.com.tw/cantonbeauty



Wan-Chieh, Chuang (chieh@taitra.org.tw)


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