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TAITRA Inviting Game Buyers from 12 Countries to Taiwan

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 22 December 2015

The Taiwan International Gaming Forum organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, and executed by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) was successfully concluded on 25th November, 2015. 20 professional buyers from 12 countries and 41 domestic companies were invited by TAITRA to have one-on-one meetings in Taiwan on developing, publishing, marketing, soundtrack, art design and international strategic cooperation for online, mobile and VR games, etc. Over 200 meetings were held, facilitating business opportunities for cooperation for over 16.22 million USD. The figure has almost doubled compared to the last forum. Follow-up international cooperation has unlimited potential, and business opportunities will be close to 20 million USD. 

The 20 international buyers were from 3 continents: Europe, North America and Asia; and over 12 countries, including America, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, India, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Buyers included Tango, who invested US$ 25 million in establishing a global game fund in 2014, iLogos Europe UG, who is a leading independent European game developer,  Hungama Digital Entertainment from India, offering game developing information solution and publishing services, and the Culturecom Holdings Ltd from Hong Kong, the biggest comics publisher in Asia, who is seeking intellectual properties (IPSs) licensing partners in Taiwan, etc.   

There were over 40 Taiwanese companies participating in the meetings, even including some famous game companies, such as Gamania Digital Entertainment, USERJOY Technology, Interserv International Inc., Lager Network Technologies, Wegames Corporation, Unalis, and Thermaltake. There were also some companies, such as Moshi, who had just recently participated in the Tokyo Game Show, CELAD Inc, and the Nice Market Games, which focuses on developing 3D sports games. Those companies expressed that, via the extremely effective matchmaking meetings organized by TAITRA, they successfully gained cooperation opportunities in authorization, joint development or outsourced manufacturing from world-renowned companies. In the future, there will be chances to acquire international resource input in capital and other areas to enhance the development of Taiwan’s game industry.              

Taiwan’s digital game industry is at the rising stage. According to the report from Newzoo this October, there are 12.8 million game players in Taiwan. 47% of them are willing to spend money on purchasing games. The average expenditure of every paying player is US$116.6. They estimated that it will create 0.695 billion USD as revenue (an increase of 17.7% compared to 2014) and listed as the top 15 in the world. The mobile game revenue for Taiwan market is listed as top 10. Because of the high purchasing power of Taiwan players on game products, game developers from different countries all regard Taiwan as an important mobile game market for testing the waters of a product. 

To assist domestic companies in catching up with the purchasing potential of local game consumers, bringing in creative concepts, developing the games that appeal to Taiwanese interests, and further promoting to international markets, TAITRA expects to establish an international cooperation and interaction platform through this gaming forum, and increase the exposure of Taiwan games to the international markets. It could further enhance the management ability in numerical computation, income planning, and server-side and releasing testing, turning the high quality creativity of Taiwan into profitable products, discovering a new ocean in the global gaming market which has reached US$91.5 billion for annual gross output.       


Chen, I-Ju(andrew@taitra.org.tw)


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