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TAITRA and Newegg.com Helping Taiwan’s Businesses Enter U.S. Online Market

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 03 June 2011

TAITRA Executive Vice President, Mr. Walter M. S. Yeh, noted: “We are very glad for the opportunity to team up with Newegg in helping Taiwanese businesses offer U.S. consumers quality products from Taiwan. We believe “Made in Taiwan” products are sure to please U.S. online shoppers and gain huge popularity.”

Newegg Inc. CEO, S. C. Lee, said: “Newegg is delighted to be working with TAITRA to offer our ‘First from Asia’ program, which will bring Taiwan's merchants and manufacturers an exciting opportunity to reach Newegg’s vast U.S. customer base. Just as importantly, it brings U.S. consumers a great way to discover and purchase some of the hottest and most desired products from Asia. This is the first stage of a major expansion for Newegg Marketplace internationally, and we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with all of our participating partners.”

In 2010, the U.S. was Taiwan’s third largest trading partner, ranking number three in terms of both import and export. For the U.S., Taiwan was its ninth largest trading partner, ranking 13th for export destination and 9th for source of import. The two countries shared closely knit trade ties. The U.S. was the birthplace for e-commerce. Of the 2010 global online shopping market which totaled USD$572.5 billion the U.S. alone contributed USD$166 billion. Stable economic growths in the U.S. had created a healthy environment for e-commerce to prosper in, and its mature and vast e-commerce market is sure to generate huge opportunities for Taiwanese businesses.

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