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Switching to e-scooter the equivalent of planting 30 trees a year

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 30 April 2015

According to CMC Motor, making the switch to an electric scooter can help cut carbon emissions by around 330 kg per year, or the equivalent of planting 30 trees.


Citing statistics from the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, where on average one tree can absorb 11 to 18 kg of CO2, and that Taiwan produces on average 0.637 kg of CO2 for one kilowatt hour (1kWh) of electricity, CMC Motor suggested that if the scooter owners in Taiwan (who on average travel 30 km a day) were to go electric, each of them would be cutting their carbon footprint by the same amount of CO2 absorbed by 20 to 30 trees in a year.


Given there are now over 5 million scooters on the roads in Taiwan, if their owners all went electric, they would essentially be cutting CO2 by the amount absorbed by 100 to 150 million trees in one year.


On top of the environmental benefits, there are also strong economic incentives for going electric, said CMC Motor.


According to the company, in Taiwan, a typical two-stroke scooter can travel around 1 km on US$0.033 worth of fuel, but the company’s “e-moving” scooters with similar road performances can travel as far as 16 km on US$0.033 worth of electric power.


Moreover, the repair and maintenance costs of e-moving electric scooters are also significantly lower than conventional two-stroke fuel powered scooters, said CMC Motor.


Hsin-ju Chang (eileen0311@taitra.org.tw)
Source: Chinatimes


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