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Strida carbon folding bike wins 2015 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 24 April 2015

The latest folding bike from Strida has a carbon frame, and it has been named as a winner of the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Awards.


With a unique triangular frame designed for an erect riding position and best-in-class visibility, the Strida folding bike is designs as a classy and effortless way of getting around the city.


Weighing in at just 8 kilograms, the Strida is all about elegance. In addition to its carbon frame, the bike uses a Kevlar greaseless belt drive system instead of the regular oily chain and gears. The unique belt transmission eliminates the problems of chain slips and grease.


The Strida can be effortlessly folded up in under 5 seconds, thanks to the bike’s specially designed structure and magnetic components. When folded, Strida bikes can be hanged in a closet or placed underneath a desk. The bike takes up very little room since its frame consists of only three tubes.


Strida is owned and made by Ming Cycle Industrial Co., Ltd.


Established in 1989, Ming Cycle Industrial Co., Ltd. is a reputable bicycle maker. The company offers OEM and ODM services as well as its own Strida folding bikes, RENNRAD push bikes for kids, and electric bikes.


Meng-Chieh Yeh (yeh0523@taitra.org.tw)
Source: Ming Cycle Industrial Co., Ltd.
Photo Credit: Ming Cycle Industrial Co., Ltd.


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