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Smart Home Revolution: A New Stage for the Taiwanese Security Industry

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 06 February 2015

As Internet based technology develops, the Internet of Thing (IoT) has become the latest business model and a new concept that integrates new technologies into our lives. The smart home is one of the ultimate applications of this cutting-edge concept. According to a study by Juniper Research, the revenue generated by smart home services will reach US$71 billion by 2018. Leading technology companies like Google, Apple and Samsung, are eager to take part in this new market and have put a lot of effort to draw the consumer’s attention. Thanks to Taiwan’s mature IT and security industry background, Taiwan’s manufacturers have more advantages to play an important role in the era of the smart home.


According to an A&S report, in the field of the smart home, there are three types of manufacturers in Taiwan. First, there are many companies with IT and networking backgrounds like D-link and Advantech, providing connected-home devices and services. Second, companies who play a role as home security solution providers, such as Climax Tech and Everspring. Last are professional IP camera and CCTV makers like Vivotek, GKB, AMTK and so on. All of these companies with expertise in different fields will provide integrated services to customers, enabling Taiwan to become one of the key players in the future.


Facing the price competition from countries nearby, Taiwanese companies understand that being a pure hardware provider is no longer the right position in the IoT revolution. In the smart home industry, clients not only need hardware like intercoms and cameras, but also the ability to address the different needs from clients. Taiwanese companies are very experienced in designing and manufacturing technology products with a strong foundation in a robust electronics industry. They can combine their manufacturing knowhow and technological capabilities to solve the actual problems a client encounters. Due to the fact that the smart home is a very personalized industry, customization will become the key competitive strategy for Taiwanese companies.


Although the concept of the smart home has just moved into the spotlight in recent years, traditional security product suppliers in Taiwan are already participating in this new industry enthusiastically, hoping to grab market share in this booming market. Today, Taiwanese suppliers export most of their smart home products and services to developed regions, like to the USA and Europe. But as emerging countries develop, there is vast potential in the future, most notably in the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia. This smart home revolution will provide Taiwanese security & surveillance companies another avenue to success.


Shuhan Wu (wushuhan@taitra.org.tw)


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