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Smart healthcare solutions by Sinopulsar

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 18 December 2015

Sinopulsar Technology Inc. recently launched two smart healthcare solutions: the smart cloth and the smart adult diaper.

Sinopulsar Technology is an experienced system integration company specializing in the fields of integrated circuits, radio frequency identification, Internet of Things, and app design. The company began as a member of the industrial incubation project at Taiwan's top research and design center, the Industrial Technology Research Institute.

The company's latest innovations, the smart cloth and the smart adult diaper, are the results of years of experience in designing and integrating new technologies into market-oriented solutions.

Sinopulsar's smart cloth is designed for the caring of infants. It enables the taking of temperatures without waking up the infant. The cloth is equipped with a temperature sensing module which gathers the data for the caregiver to monitor via an app. The sensing module is removable and can be used on other clothing items.

Sinopulsar's smart adult diaper is designed to facilitate the caring of bed-ridden or disabled individuals. The diaper is equipped with a real-time wetness sensor which gathers the data for the caregiver to monitor via an app or a medical station.

Source: Chinatimes
Grace TH Hsu (h860@taitra.org.tw)


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