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Smart Bicycle Records Your Heartbeat!

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 12 January 2011

In the National Microcomputer Applied System Design Competition organized by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education in 2010, four students from Kun Shan University’s Department of Electronic Engineering—Yong-Chong Cheng, Chang-Ting Chen, Wen-Chang Wei, and Ming-Jie Lee—together designed a “Compound Bicycle Meter of Integrated Web Map.” This bicycle meter in fact combines functions of electronic meter of fitness equipment with a bicycle and creates a new model of “smart bicycle.”

Besides the meter measuring speed and slope while biking, this bicycle’s grips can also record heartbeat. There are also Google Map and GPS. The biker can use a USB flash drive to transmit biking information into a computer, and the biker then is able to know from the computerized information which part of the biking route is more strenuous. Favorite spots can even be highlighted on the electronic map. In addition, the power of the compound bicycle meter comes from the friction created during biking which makes the bicycle also an eco-friendly one.

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