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Safe and affordable epidural syringe by EpiFaith

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 16 January 2015

EpiFaith, a team at the National Taiwan University College of Medicine (NTUCM), has developed a safe and affordable syringe to reduce the risks associated with the medical procedure of epidural injection.


An epidural injection is a technique used by medical professionals to administer drugs or other agents into the epidural space of a patient’s spine. It is often used to achieve pain relief (analgesia) or anesthesia for certain operations. As the injection needle will go directly into the spine, the technique can involve some levels of risk.


Led by professor Tzu-Ming Liu, the EpiFaith team of 5 from NTUCM’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering developed the smart syringe to help medical professionals to make more controlled and precise epidural injections.


The syringe can help ensure the needle will come to a complete stop once it has reached the narrow 0.1 cm gap of the epidural space and not go any further.


As the needle will penetrate skin and tissues to reach the epidural space, the EpiFaith team has designed a mechanical mechanism on the syringe to detect the pressure change.


Once the needle has reached the epidural space where the pressure is different, the syringe will automatically lock up the needle, forbidding it from going deeper. This can help reduce the risks of accidentally puncturing through and damaging the nerves.


According to EpiFaith, the safe syringe can be available at relatively affordable prices given it is designed to be disposable, fully mechanical, and compact.


I-hsuan Liao (annieliao@taitra.org.tw)
Source: NTU; UDN


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