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ROC at 100: Taiwan’s Design Year (Part 1)

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 10 March 2011

2011, the hundredth year of the Republic of China on Taiwan is also the year the International Design Alliance (IDA) Congress is held in Taiwan. The magnificent 2011, not only is filled with strong fragrance of design, but also has merged together design energies from all over the world. In other words, as ROC turns 100 years old, it has also become a paradise of design and creativity.

The Taiwan Graphic Design Association specially invited 40 Taiwanese graphic designers including Zhe-Xian Fan, Leng-Heng Shi, and Jia-Zhang Yang to design a series of creative NT$100 bills. Themed as “ROC at 100: Transcending beyond the Century,” the creative NT$100 bills are designed to break through the stereotype of the traditional NT$100 bill by basing the images of “ROC at 100” on Taiwan’s natural environment, humanistic characteristics, architecture, and historical figures. The creative NT$100 bills are at the same time challenging the techniques of graphic design.

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