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Report Ranks Taiwan 3rd Best Country for Investing

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 15 September 2011

It was Taiwan's best ranking since 2005 in the Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) rating, which evaluates the world's 50 major countries on the strength of their investment climates, a Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) official said.

In Asia, Taiwan remained the second-best investment place after Singapore, according to the report. Among the major Asia-Pacific economies, it was ahead of Japan, China, South Korea and Australia.

According to MOEA data, Taiwan ranked 15th in BERI's political risk rating in 2005 and the ranking moved up to 11th in 2008.

With regard to the operational risk, the report said Taiwan's business operations climate remains robust and it forecast that investment in infrastructure construction will continue to increase in the next five years.

Fueled by an influx of Chinese tourists, Taiwan's hotel operators, for instance, are expected to invest about NT$77 billion in equipment and service upgrades in the coming three years, it noted.

In the first quarter of this year, Taiwan posted 6.6-percent economic growth, indicating that the country's business climate is quite promising, the BERI report said.

As to foreign exchange risk in terms of both remittances and repatriation, Taiwan's rating remained third-lowest in the world behind only Singapore and Switzerland, the same as its rating in this year's first assessment.


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