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Postal Mail of France to be Delivered by Electric Scooters of Taiwan

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 12 December 2012

EVT Technology is one of the leading Taiwanese electric scooter makers and the developer of the patented “Direct Driven Hub Motor” and "PWM" intelligent system controller technologies.


La Poste chose EVT Technology’s scooters for their superior performance in acceleration, hill climb, and loading capacity.


EVT Technology’s patented hub motor is optimized for efficiency and minimal energy consumption. The motor boasts near-zero transmission loss due to its unique design of no gears, no chains. The design also dramatically lowers the noise levels of EVT Technology’s electric scooters.


With extraordinary performance, EVT Technology’s electric scooters had won the German Energy Saving Contest Champion from 2001 to 2004. EVT Technology’s scooters had also obtained nearly all international approvals, including the EU, EEC certificate, the U.S.A. DOT certificate, the Canadian CMVSS certificate, and the Australian ADR certificate.


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