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Pineapple Cakes Hottest Sellers in Taiwan Airport

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 24 July 2018

Among the thousands of items sold at the airport, six different gift boxes of pineapple cakes produced in Taiwan were the bestselling choices among foreign and local travelers, the airport reported, citing a survey in which travelers voted for their favorite Taiwan gifts.


Chen Yi-hsuan, assistant manager of Tasa Meng Corporation, said many tourists from China buy gift boxes of pineapple cakes before returning home.


Apart from tourists, Taiwanese traveling abroad to visit their friends and relatives also like snapping up a few boxes of the Taiwanese specialty as gifts, said Pan Tsuei-yi, vice manager of Ever Rich Duty Free Shop.


Tsai Yung-fu, assistant manager of I-Mei Foods, said the potential of the pineapple cake market cannot be ignored, whether the demand is for traditional pastry filled with a mix of pineapples and winter melons, or cakes with a richer filling made from local pineapples.


Other items on the top-10 list were mung bean cakes, tea leaves, tea sets and black tea, according to the survey.



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