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New Certification Program for Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 01 February 2013

Hsu Ming-neng, chief of the Medical Affairs Bureau under the Department of Health, said the program, which will be administered by the private Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation, will be open to all of Taiwan’s cosmetic surgery institutes, independent clinics, and cosmetic surgery centers affiliated with hospitals.


Medical institutes wanting to apply for certification are required to have been in business for more than two years and must not have any record of wrongdoing during that period, Lee Wei-chiang, chief of the commission, said.


Before granting certification, the commission will also evaluate the institutes' fire-fighting equipment, anti-infection procedures, as well as their practice of informing patients before operations and their post-surgery care, said Lee.


Medical professionals who want to be certified under the program should have cleared courses designed by the societies of dermatology, plastic surgery and anesthesiologists, said Chou.


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