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NCKU produces wine from orchids

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 02 April 2015

The National Cheng Kung University Orchid Research Center, which is known for making cosmetics from orchid extracts, has been working with local farmers to produce a wine from a special breed of orchid.


Named the “Moonbeam”, NCKU’s new wine is produced from a breed called I-Shin Venus, which is noted for its sweet aroma, said Chen Hong-hwa, head of National Cheng Kung University's Orchid Research Center.


In 2013, Chen’s team created a line of facial products using orchid embryonic stem cells. The center can now consistently harness orchid embryonic stem cells to make a variety of products, according to Hsiao Yu-yun, a researcher at the center.


Taiwan, where the climate is ideal for growing orchids, is known as a "kingdom of Phalaenopsis orchids" and has an annual orchid output worth over US$35.37 million, Hsiao said. More importantly, she said, Taiwan has a rich history and culture of cultivating orchids, something that is hard for competitors to mimic, she said.


Source: wantchinatimes.com
Photo Credit: NCKU
I-Hsuan Liao (annieliao@taitra.org.tw)


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