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NCKU green building gets LEED Platinum status

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 12 August 2011

The Y.S. Sun Green Building Research Center, also known as Magic School of Green Technology, is the first educational structure in Asia to obtain LEED Platinum certification, NCKU officials said.

The three-story 4,800-square meter building, which opened in January, serves as the university's international conference center and is used to showcase technological innovations in green buildings.

It is equipped with solar chimneys that can move hot air out of the conference hall and replace it with cool air without the use of air conditioning. There are also toilets that can reduce water runoff and green roofs that use lightweight ceramics.

As the first "zero-carbon" building in Taiwan, it uses only 35 percent of the energy of a typical office building, according to NCKU. (By Y.F. Low)

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