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Micro perforated noise reducing panels by CKM

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 10 April 2015

CKM Building Material Corp., Taiwan’s largest light steel frame maker, recently announced that its metallic “SoundMicro” micro perforated acoustic panels are now being used in outdoors environments such as public infrastructure projects.


A micro perforated panel is used to absorb sound. CKM’s thin, metallic micro perforated acoustic panels are excellent alternatives to traditional sound absorbers made from porous materials.


Perhaps one of the best examples of the applications of CKM’s SoundMicro panels in an outdoors environment is a recent tunnel project in Taipei. Prior to using the panels, the tunnel would generate loud reverberating noises whenever vehicles pass through it.


In search of a solution to resolve the noise complaints from the nearby residents, the local authorities found CKM’s SoundMicro panels.


CKM’s SoundMicro panels were the perfect answers to reducing the reverberation generated by the damp underground tunnel environment. Compared to traditional sound absorbers such as mineral wool, glass, or polyester fibers, the SoundMicro panels are made from aluminum and can withstand the harsh conditions such as moisture, possible fire, and degradation.


Moreover, compared to traditional materials that could only last 2 to 5 years, the metallic panels can last up to 10 years and offer the added benefit of reduced maintenance costs.


CKM’s SoundMicro has been awarded the “Taiwan Green Building Material High-Performance Mark” and the “National Invention & Creation Award (Silver Creation Award)”


Tso-ming Liu (tmliu731@taitra.org.tw)
Source: Chinatimes


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